Neil Walker

Making your real estate business more profitable

27+ years of Proven Real Estate Success


Whether you are a business owner or sales person, running your business can be challenging at times. That’s when having an experienced person along side you can really make a difference.

With over 27 years of experience in selling real estate and leading companies and teams, I can help you.


For Business Owners

I assist business owners with improving their profitability. I work along side you, reviewing monthly company Profit & Loss reports in order to see where there are gains to be made. I also consult on all manner of company policies and procedures. And importantly, I provide peer to peer support.


For Teams and Individuals

Helping sales people win more business and close more sales. With better time management and more focus on dollar productive activity, we can achieve better results. Improving sales skills and asking the right questions leads to better outcomes.


My specialty!

As well as calling auctions, assisting with vendor meetings and reserve sets, I offer targeted training on how to win more auctions, secure more vendor funding for marketing and how to manage better auction campaigns.


In addition, I offer Locum Cover for Principals when they need a break. This short term leadership satisfies the REA’s effective control requirements.

Having a track record counts

As a Salesperson …

  • Life Member of the Captain’s Club (LJ Hooker)
  • Regularly awarded nationally for marketing, auctions, volume and value of annual sales

As a Manager …

  • Successfully leading teams (in Gisborne and Tauranga ) to greater sales performance

As an Auctioneer …

  • Calling hundreds of auctions since 2004

As a Business Owner …

  • Created two successful and profitable companies in sales and property management (Walker Real Estate and BOP Real Estate)
  • Merged and co-directed a large company group (Quay Real Estate and Quay Property Management)

Client Reviews

Lynn Ward


I worked with Neil Walker from 2002 – 2014, both as a salesperson and then in a managerial role.

Neil is an innovative sales coach whose style of coaching can motivate all types of sales people. His successful background in sales and his innate ability to help people make him a perfect sales coach. Combine that with Neil’s experience and knowledge and you have a winning formula.

Neil is second to none when it comes to inspiring, guiding, and coaching sales teams and would be beneficial to anyone looking to strengthen their sales organization.

Steve Sigley

Eves Realty Ltd

I have known Neil Walker for the last 7 years in which time he has been to me, a manager, a colleague and a trainer/mentor.

Neil brings to real estate an immense wealth of knowledge which he’s only too happy to share. He always takes pleasure from seeing others succeed.

He has a clear vision of what makes ‘good real estate business’ while at the same time encouraging you to think for yourself.

His genuine drive can only enhance those agents wanting to take their business to the next level.

From personal experience, as a trainer, Neil has assisted me to grow my business. I have no hesitation recommending him to any agent wanting to succeed.

Call me, I’m happy to endorse Neil.

‭027 579 4576‬

Tracy Bristowe

Tracy Real Estate

Hearing that Neil had changed direction, to focus on helping real estate licensees came as no surprise to me; in fact it was almost expected. He has always been a fabulous teacher, with a calming disposition conveying his knowledge and skills, all with a smile and patience; he sure needed it with me !

Neil’s always been a leader in his field, having weathered the ebbs and flows of changing real estate markets over many many years. The successful launch and long running operation of his independent real estate brand Walker Real Estate, Gisborne and subsequently LJ Hooker Gisborne and Tauranga epitomized his professionalism, talent as a market leader and top performing Real Estate Agent/Auctioneer.

Marketing, Negotiating and Communicating have always been his strengths, coupled with a genuine wish to see everyone do well.

As an Auctioneer, he commands the room’s attention; and easily holds a captive audience. More importantly when selling, he has the ‘gift of the gab’ to hold bidders in the palm of his hand on the auction floor to ensure the hammer falls in the Seller’s favour.

I have great respect for Neil and know he has the ability to guide anyone who seeks out his assistance will be hugely beneficial from not only a business growth point of view, but personally. And, as an Auctioneer, he is your man !

Good luck Neil, but you won’t need it as you are simply awesome.

Barry Fredheim


I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Neil Walker for the last 10 years. During this time, he has owned and operated a very successful real estate business in Gisborne, managed another very successful real estate business in Tauranga- where we first began working together: he as the Sales manager and myself as the senior salesperson for the company.

Since that time, he has owned and operated another successful real estate operation.

Neil is one of those rare people that most people would count themselves extremely fortunate to know and work alongside, let alone be friends with.

He is a consummate real estate professional. A highly knowledgeable and skilled educator and salesperson, while being consistently positive and inspiring at the same time.

I strongly and enthusiastically endorse Neil for any role he may aspire to. He would be invaluable to any lucky organization he may choose to align himself with.

Please contact me anytime by phone or email should you want to speak with me personally.

027 475 5772

Karen Wills


I met Neil Walker 8 years ago while I was interviewing Real Estate Companies to join when I started my Real Estate career.

After visiting quite a few Real Estate companies in Tauranga, it was an easy choice to join Neil’s Team. It was not the company that won me over, it was Neil himself.

Knowing myself, I knew that I had to choose a particular type of mentor, manager, guide, to help my business get off the ground. I needed a strong, personable, positive person to push me in the right way, lift me up through the hard times and celebrate the wins.

As a teacher/mentor, it became evident that Neil can adapt to any personality. His positivity and enthusiasm is contagious. Therefore, he naturally inspired and encouraged everyone on his team, meeting their individual needs to shine at their brightest!

I will be forever grateful for the much needed help Neil gave me at that crucial time of starting a new business and continued to guide me for the first 4 years. I like to think of it as he took me from ‘rags to riches’.

Thank you Neil!